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The first producer to optimise agricultural health

We work to preserve the health of our soils and fight against global warming. To do this, we help our producers to choose agricultural techniques and practices that respect the living beings around them, and thus develop biodiversity. This approach, which consists in providing a welcoming place for these living beings in order to promote the balance of the ecosystem, is called agroecology.

Our label “Growing for life” is based on 4 core values for a unique and authentic agro-ecological approach:

Collective intelligence: Knowledge and know-how of people

Plan the evolution of practices implemented by farmers through continuous training and participation in collective dynamics to progress and exchange.

Optimising ecosystems: preserving food sources and habitats

Restore the integrity of the landscape and soils for the benefit of optimized and preserved biodiversity.

Bio-logical crop management for agroecological agriculture :

Minimize the use of sensitive resources (water, input or synthetic products, etc.).

Technical, economic and energy efficiency for a sustainable model:

Use alternative energy sources as much as it is possible.

Les Acteurs du Vivant

In order to respect these well-reasoned and authentic agroecological practices throughout all our production sites, we have created Les Acteurs du Vivant, a certification that guarantees you a production that respects the environment, la biodiversity and its producers.

With this approach, we offer a unique perspective that differs from several flagship approaches in arboriculture, offering an original approach both in terms of its angle of view and its high ambitions.


Les Acteurs du Vivant

The perspective of the project is unique and technically and scientifically endorsed by Centre for the development of Agroecology(CDA)has co-constructed the reference system with AMC France and Agribio andcertifified it by an independent organisation, Bureau Veritas


Create agriculture systems that deeply respect the principles of biodiversity and living things


Promote and participate actively in building agriculture as a climate solution


Teach farmers and growers our understanding of this agroecological approach.


To ensure that the essential elements that constitue a cultivated and efficient ecosystem are respected.

Key fundamentals
Citrus varieties
Trained producers

Join the movement by choosing your citrus fruits labelled Les Acteurs du Vivant!

All our products are available in your local supermarkets all over Europe.

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