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Our goals

The main objective of the agroecological production model proposed by Growing for life is to promote the sustainability and resilience of agroecosystems.

In creating this agro-ecological production chain, we seek to ensure that our farms and farmers deeply respect the principles of life.

To this end, we provide ongoing support to the farmers who make up Growing for life in the agro-ecological transition process. We have created a set of agricultural technical requirements grouped into 4 pillars that address production and product quality requirements:

Collective intelligence

The agro-ecology sector proposes and focuses on providing the means to promote the acquisition of individual and collective knowledge and know-how by farmers as an indispensable part of our approach.

It focuses on training (individual and collective), technology transfer, research and experimentation as a tool for sustainable, competitive and profitable production.

Ecosystem optimization

This pillar focuses on valuing crop environments (climate, soil, plant relationships) and landscape environments as the engine of ecosystems. This allows us to increase productivity and restore functional agro-biodiversity to improve resource efficiency.

Management of agroecological crops

This pillar focuses on the promotion of low-input agricultural practices whose technical itineraries are based on the overall health of the plant in its environment.

Technical, economic and energy efficiency

This pillar promotes energy sobriety, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy on the farm.

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